The Proanadi: From Heads Unworthy

Chapter 1: New Recruits

A group of wildly different individuals are recruited to the Proanadi--they are assigned to the north, where trouble already stirs...

The Proanadi: From Heads Unworthy

Part I: Shadows in the North
Chapter 1: New Recruits

Our Cast:

Malick Tarian (Seth) Kaen Rogue

Minnea Riversong (Miranda) Rimbar Bard

Rosa Verion (Becca) Sachiar Duskblade

Tarathial (Trevor) Half-Ennari Dread Necromancer

Torch (David) Tlanao Dragonblood Favored Soul

Vengard (Connor) Garic Warlock

Zayrok (Jared) Zay Dragonblood Warblade

13th of Firstborn, Year of the Dying 3519


Xcarthan12 Xcarthan12

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